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It has been 2 years since Sunjay’s last release ‘Black & Blues’ (2015). He’s been busy (haven’t we all…), no really, he has…


In the spring of 2017 Sunjay was invited to play Buddy Holly in the touring theatre show Buddy Holly & the Cricketers. UK wide, Sunjay wore the horn-rimmed frames, the dinner suit, bow tie, talked Texan and traded in the acoustic guitar for a Fender Stratocaster! Judas?!


No…Sunjay has always been a big fan, and this album takes him back to his musical roots. In fact the first song Sunjay learned to sing and play was a Buddy Holly song (Peggy Sue), and being in the stage show gave Sunjay the opportunity to sing some of his favourite numbers night after night, in front of hundreds of people; a dream come true you might say!


Having worked up a great repertoire of Buddy Holly songs Sunjay was inspired to record the aptly titled Sunjay Sings Buddy (also featuring some of the stage show band members who have become firm friends).


They’ll be doing a few live shows to promote it too… but no fake Texan accents!

Sunjay Sings Buddy will be launched in December with a full band show at St George’s Hall, Bewdley.


It’s So Easy to sing along to this wonderful collection of songs, Buddy’s music will Not Fade Away. Some might say That’ll Be The Day, Sunjay thinks that It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. Oh Boy!, you know you want to Rock Around With Ollie Vee and Rave On with Sunjay! Got the idea yet? Order now before the Christmas rush, you don’t want to be Crying, Waiting, Hoping! Stop it with all the cheesy puns?

Well All Right…

Sunjay Sings Buddy

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